Thursday, July 9, 2009


My dreams are telling me to write. To the point where the dream-me is running a constant narration of what is occuring in my dreams.

Case in point:

Last night's dream was set in Anchorage (I attribute this to being in touch with Anchorage people and my father's recent birthday). I lost my car. Well, I couldn't remember where I parked it, so I cut through the trees towards where I thought it might be. (The trees I cut through were the off-limits forest between the Knowles trail and Lake Hood.)

Before I hit Lake Hood, I ended up in a parking lot where I ran into my mother (who hasn't been in Alaska for well over a decade) and she asked to see my keys to help me sort out where I'd put my car (what make) when we determined that I didn't come in a car, but a plane. She and I wandered about heading towards Lake Hood and overshot it by a bit, ending up near Alaskan Knives and finding a well preserved pre-historic underground native artifact site.

When we emerged from poking around (not touching anything), we were on the other side of La Mex, but in the same location.

I woke before I found my plane. (Which is probably good because I have no idea where I was living in order to require me to come to Anchorage in a float plane.)

But during the entire dream, my mother was telling me that it was okay with her if I wrote my teenaged memoirs (or something to that effect) and that she wouldn't hold any of it against me. And dream-me had constant narration in her head, describing the dance required to negotiate spruce, fir, and alder without being caught by airport security or surprised moose.

My psyche is telling me to write. I'm happy for that, but at the same time, I've never had "GO DO THIS" dreams quite so clearly.

Now to figure out if I should write books, novellas, screenplays, or plays. (Or radio plays, blablabla.) But until then, back to domesticity. I still have washing up to do from last night and preperation for the grocery delivery.

This also means that I have to get in the mindset to actually edit my work. I hate editing.