Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fucking Cheery Feet

Last December I joined a sock club created by CookieA. TheBrit bakes, and Cookie includes cookie recipes and I get to make socks so it's a win all around.

So the second session of the sock club was purple socks. Don't get me wrong, I like purple, but Didi of Little Red Bicycle had some bright yellow hanging around from a OOAK dye that I'd fallen in love with and snatched up. Plus, I'd gotten a little purpled out with the clubs I was in and my not-insignificant stockpile of the colour.

Fast-forward to July, when Cookie came to London to teach at Knit Nation. I was working on the Jubilee socks the day of the class, but she had a meetup for her area sock club members where we got to eat cookies and see the next yarn and one of the next socks. (Sorry, I can't tell you anything more than "they were yummy, it was pretty, and I'm looking forward to knitting up the pattern". We were sworn to secrecy.) So I brought my Boysenberry YO socks that Cookie has taken to referring to as my Marmalade YO socks1 and she took a picture of them (and me) for posterity.

And I got her to sign my copy of Sock Innovation, which was well loved and had obviously been leafed through quite a bit. And I plan on taking the information I learned from her Knitting Off the Grid class and taking over the world designing some things.

Rather than just cheerfully yanking the photo (as I did for my project page) to post on the Ye Olde Blogg, I'm being good and asking permission since it is Cookie's photo that she took. So, until I hear one way or the other from her, I direct you to the link for the Marmalade socks above.

1: That's right. Cookie A took a photo of me with socks that she designed and I knit. Why yes, that faint noise is the sound of me still doing the suppressed fangirl squee.